San Francisco Neon advocates for preserving historic neon signs with tours, talks, exhibits, consultations, and events including Neon Speaks is an annual festival and symposium celebrating vintage neon preservation.  The mission of San Francisco Neon and Neon Speaks is to educate and advocate for the artistic legacy of historic neon signs: an enduring archive of design, craft, community , and city history.  Our fiscal sponsor is the Tenderloin Museum in San Francisco.

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Vintage neon signs have evolved from advertising to art, and now they serve as landmarks of the day-to-day human experience within communities. The artisans and advocates who take on these preservation projects deserve and desire public acknowledgment, and the opportunity to share experiences. SF Neon produces an annual 3-day festival and symposium, "Neon Speaks" bringing neon preservationists,artists, and advocates together to celebrate and share information for a future where neon survives and thrives.


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Al Barna is a San Francisco photographer and artist whose work has been shown in exhibitions at the de Young Museum, the Legion of Honor Museum, the Rayko Gallery, the San Francisco Public Library, and the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery. His photography has been published in CA Modern magazine, Society of Commercial Archeology Journal, The Sun magazine, and Shots magazine.  www.albarna.com


Randall Ann Homan began her interest in the art of signage as an apprentice sign painter in Flagstaff, Arizona. She lives in San Francisco and is an art director, photographer, and an award-winning graphic designer.  Someday she would like to design a neon sign.  www.giantorange.net


Tom Downs is the author of Walking San Francisco (Wilderness Press) and an award-winning edition of Lonely Planet’s New Orleans, along with many other books and articles having to do with places, built environments, culture, and history. www.tomdowns.xyz


Eric Lynxwiler has lectured on neon signs at the San Francisco Architectural Heritage lecture series and is the host of the Museum of Neon Art’s Neon Cruises of Los Angeles. He has saved numerous neon signs from the dust bin, and serves as a MONA Board Member Emeritus.



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AB = Al Barna

TD = Tom Downs

RH = Randall Homan

EL = Eric Lynxwiler