Listen to "Tube Benders”, A deep dive into the topic of neon signs,
featuring Shawna Peterson Neon and San Francisco Neon Walking Tours by 99% Invisible, KALW NPR radio show on architecture and design.





SF Neon has produced several neon-focused video tributes in cinema and archival footage. View below and let us know if you would like to schedule a talk/screening about lost neon landscapes.


More neon videos on The SF Neon Vimeo Channel.

Preview of SF Neon tours by Evatt Carrodus


SF Market Street 1960s

Neon-laden video clip of San Francisco's lower Market Street in 1960s. This clip shows that every business on this strip was aglow with neon, even dentists! A bit of neon nirvana on Market Street. All of these neon signs have disappeared, except the Golden Gate Theatre and the Odd Fellows Temple. Source: Petrified Films/Getty Images.

SF Neon-Focused Footage from Petrified Films/Getty Images


KQED Bay Curious Podcast

San Francisco Was Once Aglow with Neon Lights

This KQED podcast video features lots of great neon footage San Francisco plus interviews with us on SF Neon book/tours and Shawna Peterson, neon artist deluxe. Bravo to video journalist Serginho Roosblad for doing such a great job on this featurette!




Stolen Moments

The 14th Annual Noir City film fest was hosted at the historic Castro Theatre in San Francisco. We are thrilled that Film Noir Foundation founder, Eddie Muller, invited us to be part of Noir City and screen our video essay "Stolen Moments", a cinematic  homage to neon and noir. Editing by Randall Ann Homan and Al Barna.




SF Lost Neon Landscapes

Neon-focused footage from the Prelinger Archive, home movies and short films now in the public domain reveal the city's lost neon landscape in neighborhoods from Union Square to Playland.
Editing by Randall Ann Homan and Al Barna.

SF Neon in Chinatown

Neon-focused footage from the Prelinger Archive, that focuses on the corridor of neon when Chinatown was full of nightlife for locals and tourists.

SF Chinatown Neon-Focused Footage from the Prelinger Archive